Technology Innovation

Help our customers on using new technologies in new ways to create a more efficient organisation and improve alignment between technology initiatives and business goals.

Payments Expert

We understand and shape innovation in the European payments market by delivering insight to our clients. We have been working on payments and banking since early 2000. We have worked for many of the major Italian Financial Institution.

Enterprise Coding

Our developer skills are optimized and useful to create enterprise application, like business critical (e.g. H24) solutions that need to collect sensitive data and to process huge amount of information.

MITOOS, An Innovative an Open system to develop Better and Faster

Mitoos comes with a responsive console, an engine with more than 50 protocols, job processing, workflow and business logic, easy configuration setup and customization, process monitoring, full text search and more….

Rock Solid

Use the most mature and robust technologies available on the market


Updated with last security standard, and ready to integrate advanced biometric technologies.

Enterprise Ready

Ready for business critical application and with high resources consuming

Run Everywhere

Independent by infrastructure and easy to run on several application server, database and operating system

Scalable & High Performing

Architecture optimized to reduce software bottlenecks and to scale (horizontal and vertical)


Easily to integrate with other open platform or market solutions